10 Modern Cars Surpassing the Bugatti Veyron in Performance

Introduced in 2005, the Bugatti Veyron became the embodiment of what we now refer to as the “hypercar.” Capable of speeds beyond 250 mph, the Veyron captivated the car enthusiast community with its extraordinary technical specifications.
The Veyron’s curb weight, at 4,167 pounds, was something that also caused a stir. For a supercar, this weight was considered extremely heavy at the time. For comparison, a Ferrari 430 was about 1,000 lbs lighter and even the Ford GT (2005-2006 model, which interestingly had a pickup truck engine) weighed 3,485 lbs.
Since the Veyron’s debut, cars from different categories such as sedans, crossovers, roadsters, and more, like the Ford Mustang or the Toyota Tacoma, have increased in both size and weight. Electrification is a significant factor in this weight increase. We aim to draw attention to some unexpectedly heavy vehicles that are available today. Wherever possible, we will also provide the 2005 curb weight of these models for comparison.
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  • 10 Modern Cars That Outweigh The Bugatti Veyron
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