Daybreaker’s Peace Tour Arrives at Faena Miami Beach

Picture a thousand folks, completely free from intoxication, swaying to music on the sands of Faena Miami Beach as the sun rises. Dressed in dazzling white attire, they dance amidst white doves symbolizing harmony. This is Daybreaker, the early morning party celebrating dance and connection, a phenomenon that has been witnessed globally for the past ten years. “The Peace Tour” is the theme of its first half-year, revealed the founder and CEO, in an interaction from Costa Rica. She wanted to replace the late-night party culture with a new dancing experience that combines the elements of wellness and health with dancing culture, often associated with drug and alcohol abuse. The goal is a healthier form of social bonding, centered around early morning parties when people are most energetic and sociable. These gatherings are alcohol-free, offering green juice, tea, coffee, and a wholesome breakfast that is part of the entry fee. The initial hour is devoted to yoga, followed by two hours of dance, and ends with a ceremony and performance to celebrate a sense of community. The Peace Tour also brings attention to peace organizations and requests community support. They also conduct a “heart coherence moment”, a way to share and amplify positivity. Daybreaker works alongside the University of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center to prove that collective dancing has positive impacts on the brain and community connections. Their aim is to establish dance as a prescription to battle loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Speaking about her personal battle with loneliness while living in New York, she realized the significance of community over work and relationships. This realization eventually led to the creation of Daybreaker. Towards the year-end, Daybreaker encourages voting through their “Purple Tour”, making an effort to focus on common values than divisions. Emphasizing their nonpolitical nature, the intention is to make the election process a more joyous celebration that includes voter registration. Originally from Canada, the founder wishes to propagate the idea of joyful voting and cherishes the greatness of America. Daybreaker: 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, February 11, Faena Miami Beach, 3201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; Tickets range between $29 to $40 and can be purchased via