$350M Class Action Lawsuit by Miami Lawyers Against Eddy Alexandre, Seventh Day Adventist Church

The Seventh Day Adventist Church has been sued, in a class-action lawsuit for $350 million dollars due to its involvement in a Ponzi scheme with Eddy Alexandre and Eminifx. The lawsuit, filed by Miami-based lawyers, alleges that many individuals were misled into participating in the scam, with some church officials fully aware of its fraudulent nature, yet playing a role in convincing others to join.

The lawsuit claims that the faith of people was ruthlessly exploited. Lawyer Wil Morris, representing the victims, stated, “Individuals were callously tricked. Various pastors and evangelicals were fully aware that this was a scam, but influenced them to join anyway. Their faith was exploited, their vulnerability leveraged, and their money taken to finance extravagant lifestyles. It is crucial they are held to account.”

The lawsuit was filed in response to the fraudulent activities of Eddy Alexandre, his wife, Eminifx, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which led to the financial losses of thousands of Haitian American investors.

Two Miami-based lawyers lodged a class-action lawsuit in a federal court on behalf of 62,000 Haitian American investors who were victimized by Eddy Alexandre and the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The lawsuit involves over fifty Haitian pastors from the Seventh Day Adventist church who colluded with Alexandre and other individuals to defraud the investors of more than 300 million dollars.

Eddy Alexandre was arrested in Nassau County, New York by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on May 12, 2022, on charges of wire and commodities fraud. He later pled guilty to one count of fraud and forfeited 248 million dollars from investors to the U.S. government. Despite his admission during his plea allocution that he knew he was breaking the law and had knowingly deceived investors, only Alexandre was formally charged and arrested. This led to the filing of the lawsuit to demand accountability from Alexandre and other unindicted co-conspirators.

Both the defendants, especially the Adventist church, are alleged to be liable for serious financial damages caused to members of the class as a result of their involvement in the Ponzi scheme. Individuals who invested in EMINIFX and wish to be registered as class members should reach out via email: [email protected] Those requiring additional case-related information can reach out to: [email protected], and for more information about the attorneys, visit