Alligator at Nebraska Zoo Has 70 Coins Removed from Stomach

A Nebraska zoo has revealed that an alligator underwent emergency surgery to pull 70 coins from its belly. The 36-year-old creature, named Thibodaux, had the money extracted during a standard checkup at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

Veterinarian Christina Ploog utilized a plastic pipe to secure the creature’s mouth and enable the removal of the coins via camera and additional instruments. It is Ploog’s conjecture that the money was likely tossed into the amphibian’s enclosure by park attendees.

Thibodaux, a rare leucistic alligator, is distinctive amongst the ten American alligators at the park Thanks to its semi-transparent white skin and intense blue eyes, as described by Audubon Nature Institute. Another leucistic alligator was welcomed with extreme public interest at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida, in the previous year.

Despite their fearsome reputation and infrequency of human attacks, alligators continue to intrigue people.

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