Big Advantages in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Next Paradox Tera Raids

The Charizard Tera raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet recently culminated, giving way to the unveiling of intriguing new Paradox Tera raids that gamers can engage in.

With the conclusion of the Charizard Tera Raids, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have disclosed that Brute Bonnet and Iron Hands will feature in their upcoming Five-star Tera raid events. Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will get the opportunity to snag a randomly Tera-typed Paradox Pokemon and win some valuable rewards.

News of these Paradox Pokemon Tera raids cropped up soon after the rematch met Charizard the Unrivaled. This Fire-type Pokemon reclaimed its limelight through a Pokemon Day gauntlet of Seven-star Tera Raid battles against the Kanto starter trio where Venusaur and Blastoise preceded Charizard the Unrivaled. Previously, this Dragon-Tera-type Charizard was part of a Seven-star Tera raid shortly after the commencement of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, players quickly figured out strategies to single-handedly defeat Charizard the Unrivaled, leaving minimal room for the Pokemon to retaliate.

There are fresh chances for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players to spruce up their lineup, as Brute Bonnet and Iron Hands are set to be the main attraction in their respective versions for Five-star Tera raid battles. These fights commence on Thursday, March 21, at 8:00 PM Eastern and conclude on Sunday, March 24, at 7:59 PM Eastern. Both Brute Bonnet and Iron Hands, like their Paradox predecessors Flutter Mane and Iron Jugulis, will carry random Tera types and will be pitched at level 75. Their exclusive abilities, Protosynthesis and Quark Drive, will activate under Sunny Day and Electric Terrain conditions to amplify their highest stats.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Five-Star Paradox Tera Raid Battle (Brute Bonnet and Iron Hands)

  • Kick-off: Thursday, March 21, at 8:00 PM Eastern
  • Conclusion: Sunday, March 24, at 7:59 PM Eastern

Beyond Tera raids, Brute Bonnet is classified as a Grass and Dark-type Pokemon while Iron Hands is known for its Electric and Fighting-type attributes. These Paradox Pokemon possess a high HP and Attack range but have a low Speed bracket. Nonetheless, players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can easily overcome Brute Bonnet and Iron Hands by deploying a powerhouse team with varied Tera types. The rewards from these Tera raid battles are not official yet, though previous Paradox Tera raids have offered goodies such as EXP Candies and Tera Shards of diverse types.

Even though the soon-to-be-launched Pokemon Scarlet and Violet raids fall under the five-star category, these events can be advantageous for gamers to accumulate rewards or even catch a Paradox Pokemon to trade with their friends. What lies ahead for Seven-star Tera raids remains a mystery for now.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet are two primary releases of Generation IX, introducing over 100 new Pokemon and leading gamers into the Paldea region.

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