Brabus’ Perfect 917-HP Mercedes-AMG S63 E Efficiency

Key Points

  • The Brabus 930 enhances the AMG S63 E Efficiency, increasing its power to 917 hp and 1,114 lb-ft of torque.
  • Changes include exterior carbon fiber aerodynamic elements, new wheels, and an added SportXtra suspension.
  • Interior options consist of either black or sky blue color themes using superior materials.

Brabus has unveiled their latest Brabus 930 upgrade, designed for the high-spec Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the new AMG S63 E Efficiency. The German tuner regards their updated product as vollkommen, translating to perfection in English. Given the enhancements to its exterior, interior, and performance, it’s easy to agree.
By utilizing Brabus’ PowerXtra B40E-930 performance package, the powerful electric system of the AMG S63 E Efficiency gets a remarkable boost to 917 horsepower (930 metric hp) and 1,114 lb-ft of torque. This is a sizeable increase from the original 791 hp and 1,055 lb-ft of torque. Amazingly, the record for most potent Brabus currently goes to the 986-hp Rocket 1000.

Exterior, Wheels, & Chassis Improvements
The Brabus-upgraded AMG S63 E Efficiency can speed from 0-62 mph in just 3.2 seconds, with a top speed limited to 180 mph. To manage this speed and power, the sedan includes a SportXtra suspension module to reduce up to 0.4 inches. The wheels have been switched out for new 22-inch Brabus Monoblock ZM “Platinum Edition” CNC-machined forged wheels.
In addition, the AMG S63 E Efficiency gets a range of carbon fiber aerodynamic components for the body. The design includes a front spoiler with side flaps to reduce lift, side air intakes for optimal cooling, and a diffuser at the back that accentuates the Brabus sports exhaust system’s four 76mm carbon/titanium tailpipes. The look is completed with an understated rear spoiler.

Black or Blue?
The Brabus 930’s interior offers a variety of upgrades. The key choice is deciding between a black or sky blue color scheme. The black design features shell-shaped quilting on the seats, while the blue interior adopts a diamond design. Regardless of which color theme is chosen, Brabus assures the use of top-quality materials such as carbon fiber and leather in order to guarantee luxury in the cabin. Subtle Brabus emblems are also spread throughout the cabin.
Because of its cost, the Brabus 930 AMG S63 E Efficiency is earmarked as a high-end purchase. The sky blue version can be bought for around $523,000, while the black variant is priced at approximately $534,000.

Details to Remember:

  • The Brabus 930 enhances the AMG S63 E Efficiency to 917 HP.
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