Breckin Meyer and Kelly Rizzo Debut as a Couple

Breckin Meyer and Kelly Rizzo have officially become a couple. The actor, known for his role in Franklin & Bash and the influencer, who was previously married to comedian Bob Saget until his passing in 2022, made their first public appearance together as a couple at a charity event for Janie’s Fund, an initiative founded by Steven Tyler for abuse survivors.

Rizzo disclosed to E! that she was hesitant about starting a new relationship for a considerable amount of time following her late husband’s demise. She said, “It took time… to reach a point where I thought, ‘Okay, he would be happy with it.’”

Breckin Meyer and Kelly Rizzo.
Via John Salangsang/Billboard and Getty Photos

Rizzo also shared with the media outlet that Saget’s three daughters have approved her new relationship. “It was extraordinary. It meant a lot to get their approval,” she shared. “They are angels. Their support is invaluable.”

Despite his passing on January 9, 2022, at the age of 65 due to a head injury in a hotel room, Saget remains an enduring part of Rizzo’s life. “I really enjoy reminiscing about him and working with his foundation. He is always present,” she shared.

“Every day he remains a significant part of my life,” Rizzo shared with PEOPLE. “I cherish being close to his girls and his daughters. It is a tribute to him when I incorporate little things related to him into my daily routine.”

Rizzo posted a tribute to her late husband last month on Instagram to mark the second anniversary of his passing. “I am continually amazed that Bob remains vividly alive in all your hearts. It means more than words can express,” she wrote. “Thank you for letting me continue to reminisce about Bob and for keeping his memory intact.”

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