Dakota Johnson Candidly Discusses Stepmom Life and Internet Criticism

During her latest interview, Dakota Johnson shared rare insights into her life with Coldplay’s lead singer, as well as her experiences working on ‘Madame Web.’

Despite the negative reception of Madame Web, Dakota sees beyond it. The 34-year-old actress was open about the film industry and emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance with her personal life. She particularly spoke about being a stepmother to her beau Chris Martin’s children and their shared experiences in Malibu.
“I have a deep love for these kids as if my life depended on it,” she expressed while speaking with Bustle. In her comments, she mentioned her ‘stepson,’ perhaps referring to Moses, Chris Martin’s son. The 47-year-old Coldplay singer also has a daughter with his ex Gwyneth Paltrow.
Dakota and Chris have discreetly been romantically involved since 2017.
The well-known actress turned the conversation towards her recent film, Madame Web. Reflecting upon countless reminders circulating online, the all-female action movie proved to be a commercial failure, a fact Dakota found unsurprising.
She expressed her disappointment, remarking, “It is increasingly challenging to make films. Even lesser-known films are subject to scrutiny by groups and committees, which does not support artistic creativity.”

No one has bothered adding the plot of Madame Web on Wikipedia, which speaks volume about the film’s quality
— Matt Fresh (@RealMFresh) February 16, 2024

She argued that movies rely on the concerted efforts of filmmaker and other artists. She strongly believes that art should not be driven by tasteless calculations or algorithms. She said, “Filmmakers striving for originality driven by scientific data will not survive audience scrutiny. AI could threaten creative jobs and fundamentally alter the way films are constructed.

Madame Web and Young Uncle Ben’s first interaction loudly declares the kind of film it is.
— Cosmonaut sucraM (evil) (@CosmonautMarcus) February 15, 2024

“Dakota expressed her grievance during the interview, stating “The situation in the film industry is disheartening. It’s incredibly challenging to get anything made especially if it’s distinctive and bold”. Referring to her experience with Madame Web, Dakota stated, “That venture was indeed a unique experience, unlike anything I have ever done before.” She further admitted, “My career path probably won’t cross with such a project again, because I do not fit within that world”.
Being a part of a publicly scrutinized project like Madame Web was a vital learning experience for Dakota. Even though it was difficult, she understands the criticisms.”