Distinguishing 5 Key Differences: Lincoln Navigator Vs. Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer’s latest design features a prominent grille and a broader stance, indicating an inclination towards a sportier feel. Ford ensures to also cater to the off-road enthusiasts with a suitable model. Different Explorer trims have distinct grille styles, but the general aesthetic is bold with a slight touch of sophistication in the high-end models.

The Aviator also displays a refreshed front, with redesigned LED headlamps. Lincoln has elevated the grille to blend with these new lights which include welcome and farewell animations. The standard Illumination Package found in Reserve and Black Models offers an illuminated Lincoln star on the grille, adaptive pixel LED headlights, adjustable lighting based on speed, adaptive bending lighting, and LED daytime running lights.

Describing their new light features as “jewellery”, Lincoln adds to the aesthetic with new paint options such as Cenote Green and Whisper Blue Metallic. It offers a more subdued color range than the Ford, which includes the flamboyant Vapor Blue and Rapid Red that pair well with Ford’s assertive grille. Unlike the Aviator that offers 20 to 22-inch alloys, you won’t see it with the straightforward 18-inch alloys.

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