Downtown Miami Launches Bar and Nightclub Mode

Last month, the nightlife of Downtown Miami took a fresh trip with the introduction of Mode, located in a spot on South Miami Avenue that was once home to the jazz bar, La Chat Noir. The building, which is about 80 years old, was initially a fallout shelter during the Cold War era; hence, it retains one of the few basement spaces in Miami. Mode has a friendly team of staff who welcome you at the entrance, and the venue is designed with distressed wooden ceiling and walls, giving it a relaxing vibe. The DJ plays ambient music that doesn’t suppress conversations. One floor down, Mode has a dance floor and an open lounge, fitted with an L-Acoustics sound system that was engineered by William Kennedy from Third Coast Stagecraft. House and techno music keep the crowd energetic as local and international DJs entertain them until 5 a.m.

Mode’s success is attributed to various people who have brought significant nightlife experience to the venue, including nightclub veteran and marketing director Richard Barrenechea and Miami nightlife mogul, Louis Puig. However, the key focus is not on the people, but on creating a venue that doesn’t rely on high-cost talent, but rather on those who can provide high-quality music.

Mode was initially set to occupy the former Electric Pickle spot in Wynwood, but due to high renovation costs, the team shifted their attention to the former La Chat Noir location. It is close to another basement nightclub, Jolene Sound Room. Mode respects the legacy of La Chat Noir by hosting a weekly jazz night, with plans to also host acoustic, rock, and punk nights. Barrenechea reveals that the team has put a lot of effort into setting up a top-notch sound system that suits all genres of music.

The Mode team look forward to becoming a mainstay in downtown’s nightlife. They aim to present music that transcends the ordinary and gradually win the trust of music lovers. Mode looks forward to hosting more live music nights, for all fans of live music in Miami.

Mode. 2 S. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-942-7240;