Endless Lifelessness of NPCs in Dragon’s Dogma 2

As Dragon Dogma 2 is set to launch on March 22, its developers reveal that the game’s NPCs (Non-Player Characters) can permanently die.

The upcoming Dragon’s Dogma 2 will offer a unique feature among its NPCs – they can die permanently within the game. This eagerly-awaited sequel, set to hit the shelves on March 22, will allow gamers to further immerse themselves into the RPG experience by genuinely caring about the survival of the characters. The developers have been regularly updating fans on insights into the gameplay, including the anticipated playthrough duration, early access to character creation, and an explanation of the NPCs’ operations.

The original game’s NPC Pawn system is set for a comeback in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This system provides players with their personal NPC helpers to accompany them on their quests. The sequel has also enhanced the function of Pawn NPCs.

In a recent discussion with Automaton, the sequel’s director Hideki Itsuno shared insights on how Dragon’s Dogma 2 builds on the foundation established by the original game. Itsuno revealed that Dragon’s Dogma 2 hosts over a thousand NPCs, each with unique motivations and stories, adding an intriguing dimension to the gameplay. Furthermore, Itsuno discussed the frequency of NPC deaths, urging players to protect their favorite characters in the game. “Our focus from the inception of the series was to create ‘a fantasy world simulator’, keeping in mind that NPCs deaths are a common occurrence. If players hold a particular NPC dear, it’s their responsibility to shield them during combat or flee with them,” commented Itsuno.

Why Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 Feature NPC Permadeath?

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the game’s producer, explained that although an NPC can be revived using the Wakestone item (which featured in the original Dragon’s Dogma), this must occur swiftly after the character’s death. The decision to introduce a permadeath system in Dragon’s Dogma 2 was to encourage players to approach character deaths with seriousness, thus preventing players from treating game mortalities with apathy.

Reiterating his stance on game death, Itsuno emphasized its finality, especially during high-stakes action combat. He believes restarting the game after a character’s death would compromise the sense of thrill that Dragon’s Dogma 2 aims to encapsulate. Itsuno added that the idea of investing effort to prevent death is integral to the game’s trial and error gameplay. The notion of enduring consequences and the challenge of keeping favored characters alive are likely to appeal to many players.

Dragon’s Dogma 2
This much-anticipated sequel to Capcom’s 2012 action RPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2 takes players on a new journey with the Arisen, ahero whose heart has been taken by a formidable dragon. The game, with a world sized four times that of its predecessor, offers advanced customization and player control through its character creator, vocations system, and AI-controlled Pawns.

Release Date:
March 22, 2024

Game Genre:
Action RPG

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