Final Epoch Updates Character Construct Based on User Feedback

The creators of popular action RPG Last Epoch, Eleventh Hour Games (EHG), have disclosed a series of crucial updates planned for the game following an extensive survey. These modifications will affect players who employ strategies that become exceedingly powerful due to in-game glitches. The developers will act on feedback received from the survey and will be quicker than usual in correcting these builds, providing players with a heads up about impending changes.

Earlier, EHG had stated that work had begun to tone down specific overpowered builds that had been influenced by a game bug. This decision was driven by a dominant majority of votes seeking a balance in the game’s functioning. The poll totalled over 69,000 votes, with the results highlighting a distinctive pattern of what gamers are looking for in Last Epoch.

In an official blog post, EHG outlined the survey results that will guide the forthcoming mid-season balance modifications. According to the findings, 55.5% of respondents strongly agree that overpowered builds arising from gameplay bugs should be toned down within the course of the ongoing game season. Moreover, it was found that players generally prefer to be notified about future adjustments through the public forum, with 73.2% of votes in strong agreement with this method.

Regarding overpowered builds not triggered by a bug, a majority of 34% of votes expressed their approval for keeping Last Epoch’s overpowering builds, while 52.5% of votes backed mildly powerful ones. In response to these findings, the developers won’t be resetting any leaderboards due to bug-driven builds, but will provide detailed information about individual leaderboard entries in relation to when they were made, or which patch was in effect.

A significant finding of this vote was that bug-driven strategies will now be balanced during the season in Last Epoch, rather than waiting until the end of the season. Also, the demonstration of related leaderboard data, instead of highlighting if a player used a bug-induced build, is a thoughtful approach, ensuring fair representation of all entries without singling out any player.

Since its public launch in February, Last Epoch has reached a peak of 265,000 online players and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. As Eleventh Hour Games continues to fine-tune the game according to player input, it will be interesting to see how Last Epoch fares against renowned RPG games such as Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2.

After several years in early access, Last Epoch made its full release in February 2024. The hack-and-slash RPG developed by Eleventh Hour Games features 15 classes and subclasses, a vast talent tree system, and plentiful loot.