Ford Offer: $10,000 for 810-HP Mustang Supercharger Package

Ford hinted at a new supercharger kit for the 2024 Mustang at last year’s SEMA show, suggesting the power of the car could exceed 800 horsepower. They were vague about the price and torque at the time, but the details are now all clear.

Available on the Ford Performance website, the dual-screw supercharger kit can enhance the brand’s 5.0-litre V-8 engine to reach 810 hp and is priced at $9,995. Though it is compatible with the Mustang GT and the Dark Horse, it’s only for those based outside of California.

The supercharger is only certified for use in the remaining 49 states and is not legally allowed to be registered or used on cars in California. This is likely due to the state’s stringent emission regulations. The supercharger, which was co-developed with Whipple, can boost the engine’s torque to 615 pound-feet. If a Mustang does not have an active exhaust system, the kit still produces 10 hp less but is significantly more powerful than the base model. The 2024 GT provides up to 486 hp and 418 lb-ft of torque as standard, and the Dark Horse delivers 500 hp and 418 lb-ft of torque.

The package includes the Gen 6 3.0-litre supercharger, a 92-millimetre throttle body, a dual-pass intercooler, GT500 port fuel injectors, upgraded spark plugs, and a dedicated Ford Performance calibration. It requires fuel with an octane rating of 91+ and comes standard with a 36 months / 36,000-mile warranty. It’s a good deal, all things considered.

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  • Ford offers an 810-HP Mustang Supercharger Kit for $10,000
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