Haitian Diaspora: The Unforeseen Winner of Jamaica Summit

The Louisiana Summit, held two years ago, set the stage for creating an environment to iron out the differences amongst different factions of the Haitian Diaspora. It marked the first time that the Haitian Diaspora Political Action Committee (HDPAC) managed to gather everyone at a common platform aiming at a resolving issues. While the opinions about the success of the Summit were mixed, it largely was beneficial, and laid the groundwork for the Haitian Diaspora to strive towards a solution that included their say as well.

Following this, the Jamaican Summit took place from June 10-13 in Kingston, Jamaica. The Summit was a result of an initiative by the regional international organization, CARICOM, of which Haiti is also a member. Representing the Haitian Diaspora at the Summit was the Coalition Des Organizations de la Diaspora (COODAH).

The Summit further emphasized the role of the Haitian Diaspora, under the strong leadership of COODAH’s president, Pierre Raymond Andre. His effective and authoritative communication echoed amid the Haitian society and the political class, confirming the collective understanding that the Haitian Diaspora plays a crucial role in finding any solution.

The Jamaican Summit was conceived to pave the path towards robust, sustainable resolutions to the issues plaguing the country. Instead of finding fault with each other, the Haitian Diaspora mapped out a sound plan for revival. Pierre Andre of COODAH shared the vision of the Haitian Diaspora for Haiti with everyone present.

The President of COODAH, while addressing the Summit, thanked the Organizing Committee of CARICOM for extending an invitation. He stressed the importance of an open and earnest dialogue that could lead to a consensus regarding the crisis in Haiti.

Pierre André Jean, President of COODAH

Moreover, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the international community for effectively signaling the Haitian Nation by way of imposing sanctions on previously dishonest leaders. In his words, this was a much appreciated and unexpected move. And, in response to the crisis, the Haitian Diaspora proposed several reforms including the dismantling of armed groups within the country, fostering the Provisional Electoral Council along with the participation of the Diaspora, and enhancing the strength of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Haiti. They also called for implementing a comprehensive program for social peace and setting up of an Advisory Council inclusive of the members of the Haitian Diaspora, in agreement with the Government, for executing the desired constitutional reforms.

The time is ripe for the Haitian Diaspora to unite their efforts and back COODAH so as to ensure that they continue to articulate their collective voice. Acknowledging the importance of solidarity, this piece encourages every Haitian Diaspora organisation to unite for the welfare of Haiti. It is time to forego all personal interests and focus on looking out for Haiti.

Dr. Georges J. Casimir
President of HDPAC
Under the careful supervision of Dr. Georges J. Casimir, HDPAC led the way. Now, the younger generation of COODAH is ready to continue this mission. Haitian Diaspora can have full faith that the future course of action spearheaded by the younger generation will keep up the good work initiated by the older generations.