Hyundai ST1: Futuristic Electric Work Van

Hyundai is stepping into the future with an all-electric commercial van named the ST1, a name which appears to refer to a “Service Type 1” collection of work vehicles. Though the details of the van’s technical capabilities have not yet been released, it’s clear from its design that it was created with small businesses in mind.

The ST1 is a purely electric vehicle, designed to accommodate various business needs. It will be available in a standard cargo-style van, a refrigerated van, and as a basic chassis, enabling owners to retrofit their desired type of equipment.

The design of the ST1 was a collaborative effort, with Hyundai working with local delivery companies to understand their needs from a work van. Featuring steel wheels and unpainted bumpers, the utilitarian yet futuristic look of the van draws from elements of Hyundai’s Staria minivan and Kona small crossover.

The main headlights of the van are set unusually low, while a full-width horizontal strip above is thought to be for the daytime running lights. Offering more space than the Staria Load and covered in chunky plastic shielding for protection, the ST1’s essential facilities, like the charging port, are conveniently placed in the front.

The ST1 was crafted to improve the loading and unloading process by reducing the ride height. Despite its boxy appearance, every design element, including the front top spoiler, is aerodynamic efficiency focused. The decorative feature bridging the driver’s compartment to the cargo area is also designed to improve airflow.

Comprehensive details and prices for the ST1 will be released in the first half of 2024 in South Korea. After its domestic launch, Hyundai aims to release the ST1 in other markets.


  • Hyundai’s ST1 is an Electric Commercial Van with a Futuristic Design
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