Joia Beach to Welcome Popular Amalfi Coast Beach Club

Fret not if a trip to Europe isn’t on your agenda this spring; a hint of the Amalfi Coast is all set to grace Miami Beach. Joia Beach Restaurant and Beach Club situated on Watson Island is set to team up with Conca del Sogno, a popular Amalfi Coast beach club and eatery for a temporary stay. This cherished Amalfi Coast establishment is set to transport their ocean-to-plate culinary style and leisurely vibes from the little village of Nerano to Joia Beach. They will display their offerings as a pop-up shop from Friday, March 15 to Sunday, April 7. Those unacquainted with this beachfront hotspot, Conca del Sogno’s coastal ambience and décor are strikingly similar to Joia Beach, but situated atop the Amalfi Coast cliffs in Italy. Miami, while having a different kind of landscape, shares the “on the water” location with Joia beach; a factor making this collaboration a smooth one.
click to enlarge Conca del Sogno will be bringing its ocean-to-plate culinary style and relaxed vibes from the village of Nerano to Joia Beach from Friday, March 15 to Sunday, April 7. Conca del Sogno photo Recognized for their exceptional seafood, Conca del Sogno will be serving up its entire menu in Miami. Frequenters of Conca Del Sogno will enjoy seeing its favorites on the Miami pop-up menu, which includes their signature tartare di scampi, sauté di vongole, branzino al sale, fusilli al riccio, and spaghetti alla Nerano. Desserts on offer feature pistachio profiteroles and panna cotta fragole e basilico. Popular beach club cocktails from Conca Del Sogno will also feature on the pop-up menu, including the signature “Sgroppino” cocktail made with lemon sorbet.
click to enlarge Conca del Sogno, known for its top-quality seafood, will be showcasing its complete menu in Miami. Conca del Sogno photo Miami’s prime spot for gastronomy, entertainment, and relaxation – Joia Beach, is hosting the Conca Del Sogno Miami pop-up. The stunning setting at Joia Beach, designed by globally acclaimed Francois Frossard, provides a picturesque backdrop for formal dining and lounging on the beach. Arriving guests are welcomed through a scenic path lined with lush greenery, leading into Joia Beach’s impeccable beachfront on Watson Island. Much like Conca Del Sogno, accessible chiefly by yacht from Capri or Positano, diners can anticipate a real Amalfi feel with anchorages available for waterfront arrivals at Joia Beach. Dinner bookings for Conca del Sogno Miami are now open from Wednesday through Sunday for 6 pm and 9 pm slot. Along with the current menu of Joia Beach restaurant, a choice of dishes from the exclusive Conca del Sogno dinner menu will be available for guests to sample during the culinary stay. This impressive selection includes the insalata Conca del Sogno, carpaccio di branzino, calamari fritti, and spigola al sale. you can find Conca del Sogno at Joia Beach, located at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami. For bookings, reach out at 305-400-7280 or visit