Luke Newton Teases ‘Steamy’ Bridgerton Season 3

Nicola Coughlin and Luke Newton hinted at their forthcoming on-screen love story at a “Bridgerton” fan event on Valentine’s Day in London.

Coughlin plays Lady Penelope on the show, while Newton portrays her long-term infatuation, Colin Bridgerton. After two seasons of intense glances and miscommunications, the pair might finally unite in Season 3, which will be available on Netflix in two blocks later in the year (on May 16 and June 13).

Coughlin admitted that their close friendship initially made some of their more intense scenes daunting. But they managed to have fun and enjoy the scenes together.

Newton pointed out that the ‘Ton, which is the show’s upscale society, isn’t just about Lady P and Colin’s budding romance. “There’s a whole lot of people in the ‘Ton getting passionate. It’s not just about us!” said Newton.

Jess Brownell, who replaces Chris Van Dusen as the showrunner for Season 3, said the emerging romance between Colin and Penelope will captivate viewers. “They are the underdogs in many ways… their journey to finding their strength this season will resonate with those who’ve ever experienced unrequited love…,” added Brownell.

Rhimes, also at the event besides most of the cast, said she was eager for the audience to watch these familiar characters develop a romantic relationship. Julia Quinn, the author and creator of the “Bridgerton” novels, said she was thrilled to see the friends-to-lovers concept play out on screen.

Regardless of their praise for the “Bridgerton” fan response, Rhimes admitted that they can’t always satisfy everyone. But she added that fan complaints were a sign that they are doing well.

Brownell mentioned that a significant part of the season is filmed by the time it’s announced, so fan input can’t always be accommodated. However, she did hint that fans of Quinn’s original work could anticipate an “easter egg” in almost every episode.

Coughlin confirmed that incorporating a scene where she addresses Colin as “Mr. Bridgerton” rather than his first name was driven by fan requests. Also, a beloved scene from the books where Penelope cares for Colin’s hand after an accident remains intact in the TV version.

While Rhimes is already gearing up for Season 4, she chose to keep the next romantic leads a secret. When asked about their plans, she responded: “We do have an idea, but we’re keeping it under wraps!”