Miami Dolphins Fans Among Drunkest in NFL, Study Shows

Few things prompt the people of Miami to indulge in a bottle more than traffic issues, high living expenses, and the Miami Dolphins’ disappointing performance. Reflecting upon the football team’s 2023-24 run filled with lost chances and unsuccessful attempts only emphasizes how demoralizing the season was — bad enough to make sometimes feel the need to drown their sorrows in drink until next year’s NFL Draft arrives. But do remember, there is camaraderie among the saddened Dolphins fans.
click to enlarge: An image of people enjoying a pre-game drink before a Miami Dolphins home game against the Buffalo Bills.

Just Tipsy Enough
Based on data gathered by BACtrack, creators of a mobile-friendly breathalyzer, Dolphins followers earned a reputation as being among the NFL’s heaviest drinkers throughout the 2023-24 season. The drastic plunge from one of NFL’s top performers to an early playoff exit certainly doesn’t help with their frustration. The fanbase’s average BAC level of .079 percent ranks Dolphins fans as the sixth most heavy-drinking followers in NFL — surpassed only by those from Tennessee (.093 percent), Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and New Orleans. This puts them first as the biggest partygoers below the driving under the influence (.080 BAC) legal limit. Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs’ followers, however, reported the lowest BAC levels. It’s time to raise our cups to the .079 party spirit of Dolphins fans!
click to enlarge: Photo of a somber man soaked in beer at a Cleveland Browns home game at First Energy Stadium back in October 2022.

Methodology Overview
What was the procedure behind obtaining these BAC scores from different people? Data was collected from users of the BACtrack app, who agreed to share their data such as location services, Bluetooth access, and BAC levels. They also looked at correlations between user locations and an “NFL fan allegiance map” which was based on social media followers. Though not a perfect method to verify individual fandom, it gives a good approximation of the fan base and regional drinking habits. This data aligns with a recent study that placed Dolphins fans as the ninth-most heavy game day drinkers. Next season, BACtrack will be invited for on-ground observations of the alcohol habits at the Hard Rock Stadium tailgates. This might bring to light more surprising findings. Until then, Dolphins fans, drink responsibly, making sure to stay within legal limits and avoiding drink driving.