Mitsubishi Sports Car Gets First Wash in 12 Years

The Mitsubishi Starion, a four-seater turbocharged coupe, has unfortunately sunk into oblivion. This affordable performance car, with its distinctive rear-wheel drive, manual transmission, and squared fender flares was popular in the 1980s, and it’s a pity that it’s so overlooked now. A particular piece has been hidden away in a garage for the past dozen years, but is finally getting the rehabilitation it deserves.

The team at WD Detailing discovered the car and devoted their efforts to reviving it from its neglected state, even carrying it to their workshop for an extensive aesthetic refurbishment. Although the dust-laden layer on the exterior is unappealing, the true catastrophe can be found in the interior.

Long-term disregard has led to the interior being completely engulfed by mold – right from the dashboard, seats to even the shift knob. The mildew-infested smell triggers an instant coughing fit in the WD Detailing team as soon as they pry open the door. Hence, a thorough cleansing session is undoubtedly needed.

Equipped with masks, the WD Detailing team gets to work by first removing the front seats, then proceeding to clean the carpets and the rear seat. The dense layer of mold covering each surface demands substantial use of cleaners and a lot of hard work to restore everything to its original state. Once everything is cleaned, there’s no trace of the mold ever being there.

The same goes for the outer part of the car. A quick rinse, followed by a wash and polish, is sufficient to make the Starion look as if it just left the car dealership, despite not being exposed to daylight for over ten years. When the owner, who happens to be a spare-parts supplier for Starion fans, sees his refurbished car, he’s understandably amazed by its transformation. Given his line of work, there’s no doubt that this car will soon be back on the road.

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