Showtime Demo Now Available

The forthcoming Nintendo Switch title, Princess Peach: Showtime, is now available in a playable demo.

Nintendo has just made available a playable demo of Princess Peach: Showtime on the Nintendo eShop and at certain retail outlets. This eagerly anticipated game is part of Nintendo’s roster of upcoming releases for 2024, and it provides gamers an opportunity to experience this new imaginative world sooner than expected.

First publicized during the Nintendo Direct in September 2023, Princess Peach: Showtime features the eponymous character from Super Mario Bros. franchise. Players will assume the role of Princess Peach and exploit her various costume changes while facing Grape and the Bitter Bunch on the Sparkle Theater. This surprise demo will give eager fans an early preview of the game.

Nintendo of America has just announced that the demo of Princess Peach: Showtime is now playable on the Switch via the Nintendo eShop, as well as at select retail outlets. This surprise demo caught fans off guard, with many celebrating the opportunity to get an early preview of the new title. Players have been yearning for another main Mario game featuring Princess Peach, especially since the last game in the franchise was released back in 2005. The costume changes in Princess Peach: Showtime offer a novel gaming experience that deviates from the well-established norms of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, while simultaneously highlighting one of the franchise’s most loved characters.

The Princess Peach: Showtime release dates are as follows:

  • Demo – Available now
  • Full game – March 22

Although the demo for Princess Peach: Showtime is currently available, the full game will be released on Friday, March 22. Nintendo has had tremendous success with the development of its first-party titles and exclusive Switch releases. Characters such as Princess Peach continue to be some of the most recognized and well-loved amongst gamers, adding to Nintendo’s overall brand and company value.

Princess Peach: Showtime offers fans the chance to see the beloved character take centre stage in her battle against Grape and the Bitter Bunch. Set in a theater, Princess Peach can switch costumes at whim to unlock novel abilities.

The release details of the game are:
– Release date: March 22, 2024
– Developer: Nintendo
– Genre: Action-Adventure.