Sur Mesure Chiron Super Sport Celebrates Bugatti’s Initial Le Mans Race Car

A century later, a client brought the idea to Bugatti to develop a black Chiron Super Sport that would commemorate the company’s storied past. He was captivated by the tale of the Type 50S, prompting him to order a vehicle that echoed the original.
The Hommage T50S, decked in black paint, features stand-out ‘5’ racing digits on each door. The spoiler’s underside portrays the Circuit de la Sarthe as it appeared in 1931. The phrase ‘Le Mans 1931’ can be spotted in this area and on the visibly arched rear.
However, the efforts of Bugatti’s Sir Mesure team did not end there. The engine compartment has a distinct ornamental pattern known as “Perlee”, a signature of Bugatti and Monsieur Bugatti himself. This serves as a discreet tribute to the Type 50S’ innovative dual-overhead cams.

Key Takeaways:

  • This Sur Mesure Chiron Super Sport celebrates the first competition car Bugatti used at Le Mans.
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