Top 10 Haunted Cars in Automotive History

The renowned actor James Dean once proudly presented his just-delivered Porsche 550 Spyder, only to receive an ominous warning from his friend Alec Guinness. Guiness cautioned that if Dean drove the car, he would not live past the week. This eerie prophecy came to fruition exactly a week later, when Dean, just 24, tragically met his end in a car accident on a California highway. The infamous car, which had garnered the moniker “Little Bastard,” continued to wreak havoc long after Dean’s passing. Car customizing legend George Barris purchased the Little Bastard post-crash and sold its engine and drivetrain to a pair of racers. Soon after, one racer fatally crashed and the other suffered significant injuries. The car eventually became a gruesome symbol for road safety, underscored by an assortment of inexplicable occurrences, such as a garage fire where it was kept and a tragic incident where it fell on a high school student, fracturing her hip, during a road safety awareness demonstration. Strangely, after half a decade of lethal incidents, the car vanished in 1960, with its location remaining a mystery to this day.

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