Why Destiny 2’s Into The Light Armor Sets Look Familiar Explained

Destiny 2’s latest armor, Into the Light, strikes a familiar chord among fans who played the inaugural Destiny game approximately a decade ago. This new armor for Destiny 2 seems to hint back to the first Destiny iteration, as numerous dedicated fans reference the initial armor concepts created for the franchise. The forthcoming Into the Light Destiny 2 will offer novel armor, weapons, and activities with the impending arrival of The Final Shape expansion, which serves as the culmination of the Light and Darkness narrative.

Into the Light will be launched on April 9th, bringing forth new content for all Destiny 2 players, along with improvements to gameplay mechanics and quality of life. Preceding the launch, livestream previews will be organized by the game developers on March 19, March 26, and April 2 to announce the incoming content slated for Into the Light. Fans tuning in on Twitch stand to earn rewards during any of the three livestreams, including the Those Held Dear and Echo Diamond emblems. More content will unfold throughout April and May ahead of the Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion release in June.

A recent observation by Reddit user ashtril highlighted that the Destiny 2 Into the Light armor could be a revamped version of the initial Guardian classes’ armor sets from the original Destiny. Ashtril shared two comparison images of the armor sets, pointing out differences between the historic armor and the updated Into the Light armor, accentuated by glows and a lighter color scheme. The new armor is noticeably sleeker while the previous version was more heavy-duty with its armor plating.

The Destiny 2 Into The Light Armor Honors Original Destiny Guardian Armor

The community response towards the armor seems overwhelmingly positive thus far, as several fans eagerly anticipate their journey back to Destiny’s early days. No official statement has been released by Bungie on how players can acquire the new armor, but chances are it will be included in the Into the Light content’s loot stash, akin to past seasonal armor in Destiny 2. The upcoming livestreams are expected to answer fan queries about the new Into the Light content.

If the recent leaks about Destiny 2 Into the Light hold merit, players will be able to collect former Pinnacle weapons such as Recluse SMG and Hammerhead machine gun post the update. Additionally, selected old weapons from earlier Destiny 2 years will be resurrected with new perks. Though the chosen weapons have yet to be declared, the new Into the Light quests will likely transport players back to older destinations, spotlighting a specific planet every week.

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